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      CCSD still needs school bus drivers ahead of new school year

      CCSD still needs school bus drivers ahead of new school year

      LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Starting Monday morning, the Clark County School District Transportation Department says it will begin operating more than 1,600 bus routes to take more than 130,000 students to and from school, despite a shortage in school bus drivers.

      CCSD hired 81 new drivers over the summer but still needs more to put a driver on each route.

      "We are still looking to hire bus drivers," said Melinda Malone, Director of Communications for CCSD. "We hire bus drivers all year long," she added.

      Malone says the school district will even help with licensing.

      "We do have about a hundred vacancies right now, so if anyone's interested, please go to CCSD.net and apply. There are financial services available to help obtain your license, the proper licensing to drive a bus," said Malone.

      District transportation officials are also assuring parents that despite the driver shortage, there will be adequate staff in place to take care of all of the bus routes when the school year begins Monday morning.

      "We do have staff at our transportation hubs who can jump in to fill routes if a driver isn't available, or if a driver is sick, or there's not a permanent driver assigned to a route," Malone said.

      "So we do have a backup staff who can jump in and get those routes taken care of."

      Malone said drivers who have already finished their own routes will also be available to pick up additional routes.

      Since that might result in a few buses running late, the school district is also encouraging parents and students to download the new "On Board" smartphone app which allows the user to monitor, in real-time, the location of their bus and when it should arrive.