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      News — Local school district

      Parents say changes to school bus routes in Leon County is inconvenient

      Parents say changes to school bus routes in Leon County is inconvenient

      It's all about how students are getting to school.

      This school year, some Leon County school buses will start to take a different route. Some parents say that change is inconvenient.

      LCS says the change would only impact about 1,300 children out of the 34,000 students in the school system.

      The new routes will take more efficient routes. That means some bus stops may change.

      Courtesy bus stops, the ones that are within two miles of a middle or high school, will no longer exist.

      LCS says a new system is routing these changes to cut down on the fuel and maintenance costs for buses.

      "The routes are done by the computer. It's done to find the most efficient plans in the county. It's large and expansive but we understand that things will have a few speed bumps in the first week," said Chris Petley, LCS spokesperson. "But after that, everything will lay out and we'll get up to speed after that."

      News of that change prompted many parents to talk about their concerns on Facebook.

      One mom even said that the closest bus stop to her child is now a 19 minute walk.

      LCS is hoping to have a final bus route out by the end of next week.

      The school district is aware that there are issues with the changes. LCS said that since there has been added confusion and anxiety surrounding the move to a new bus routing software program, they will have a call center open Saturday and Sunday and all next week that can be reached at 850-488-2636.

      Parents can also email communityinfo@leonschools.net with any questions.

      LCS states they are working as fast as they can to address parents' concerns.

      Full story: https://www.wtxl.com/news/local-news/parents-say-changes-to-school-bus-routes-in-leon-county-is-inconvenient?fbclid=IwAR2cqv3d-31RVFZr7MzUtg4_CwbdCWrdseB7LEt-L04gvyEI0JfE3xwt0tE

      Local school district considers using teachers to fill bus driver shortage

      Local school district considers using teachers to fill bus driver shortage

      ARNOLD, Mo. – Some teachers in the FOX C-6 School District could be driving buses this school year after teaching classes all day.

      The district is struggling to fill a bus driver shortage. Administrators decided to try a new strategy.

      “In St. Louis, we are all looking for drivers for the same reason and same time with a limited market available,” said John Bryne, FOX C-6 School District Transportation Director.

      School officials said there is a need for bus drivers across the country and the economy is good right now.

      “3½ percent unemployment. Most everybody who is looking for a job has a job. There is a lot of competition from the trucking industry,” Bryne said.

      The FOX C-6 School District got together and decided to try a new approach and develop drivers. Now they are looking to teachers to fill bus driver shortage.

      The administration agreed to invite teachers to get licensed and trained to help with routes. The district serves close to 9,000 students and employs about 100 bus drivers. At this point, they’re about a dozen drivers short and the school year begins next month.

      “...We are reaching out to our teachers who finish at 2 or 2:30 who could actually be available at 2:45 to drive those routes for us when other drivers are tied up,” Byrne said.

      The district has tried everything to recruit new drivers including increased pay and benefits, job fairs, and advertising to retain and recruit drivers. They said most schools are experiencing some degree of a driver shortage.

      The district has received some response from teachers but, of course, the teachers would be required to meet all requirements and training.

      Full story here >>> https://fox2now.com/2019/07/17/local-school-district-considers-using-teachers-to-fill-bus-driver-shortage/